O čiha-puha v deželi Kranjski

Poleg tega, da ima vlak Mb-Lj tudi po 35 (petintrideset!) minut zamude, se dogaja tudi to, da je proga zaprta, urejen sicer avtobusni “obvoz”, ampak nikjer nobenega obvestila … in jasno, prihod v Lj s polurno (spet) zamudo. Naslednji vlak pač ne čaka …

… so rekli prekmurčani. Pa moram rečt, da mi fizika še kar super gre, me pa rahlo začenja skrbet kemija in ponedeljkov kolokvij. Pa še en čez 3 tedne … pa še OTK vmes. Bo kar pestro, ni kaj … 🙂

Jutri gremo seveda družno na brucvanje … vsake tolk je pa treba tud kam it, no! 😀

Za vse, ki me vztrajno sprašujete, kaj je z mojim blogom in superfakinkul življenjem (firbci eni :P) … sledi večerni update. Zaenkrat najnujnejše:

1. matura mimo, nardila z 28

2. na morju je blo fajn

3. Maribor je zakon, vključno s cimro in vsem ostalim

4. ja, še vedno sem veganka in ja, še vedno sem živa in zdrava in zadovoljna 😀

5. ❤ C.J.

See ya later, aligator! 😉

45. Your friends introduce you as a vegetarian sometimes before your name is even mentioned.

46. The inhabitants of this world will never be equipped to accept people with unpopular lifestyles.

47. People in your church (or mosque, synagogue, temple, etc.) tell you that “God told us to eat meat.”

48. When your mother stares strangely at your bowl of fruit because you declined her offer to pour milk over it.

49. When she then goes on her rampage about how horrible soymilk and rice milk tasted to her. I repeatedly tell her that no one is forcing her to drink soy milk. I didn’t like it at first either but now I love it.

50. Before you switch to vegan, you should:

  • Learn to explain clearly to waiters what do you want. Then learn to reject politely what they bring to you. Then learn to cook.
  • Study eastern philosophy, animal rights, agriculture and medicine. You will need it in your future conversation.

51. For the sake of not to feel offended or bored with the same questions and jokes, learn to give surprising answers to the question of why you are vegan:

  • “It was my grandmother’s last wish on her death-bed.”
  • “All people are vegan. Some just eat animal products still.”
  • “I want to get into Guinness’ Records Book with the lowest cholesterol level.”
  • “My doc advised me to eat this diet in order to live with this bottle of vodka and 60 cigarettes daily, you know.”
  • “I tried to force my dog not to beg at every meal. And I got used to this diet.”

52. Business lunches and dinners are hell because:

  • 8 to 12 people become completely silent and stare at you when it’s your turn to order because they want to hear just what it is you’ve found to eat.
  • When the food arrives, eight to 12 people become simultaneously shifty-eyed to try to see what you’re getting (without appearing to look like they’re trying to see what you’re getting).

53. Because you can’t stand telling one more person that Jell-O is an animal product and having them say, “Oh no it’s not.”

54. You hear about once or twice a night from your mother “You’re on your own…I’ll support a vegetarian diet happily but not vegan. You guys are extremists.”

55. You get such bizare questions and comments that are in some nature sticking up for meat/dairy/egg eating and being so baffled that you can’t think of anything to say in return except “huh” at which point they think they have won the debate.

34. You are afraid to give any bad impressions, because everyone you meet will tell somebody else, “I met a vegan once. She seemed weary and unhappy to me.” They’ll conveniently forget that you just ran two blocks to catch a school bus that left early.

35. You meet a vegetarian who is insincere or instable and realize they are falsely representing “your kind” to all that they meet.

36. You feel like you should have a memorized index of recipes, environmental statistics and health facts to draw on in every conversation. How many omnivores get asked what their typical meals are? And how many of them are quizzed on their balance of nutrients or eating ethics?

37. You are expected to be an authority on all types of health concerns and special diet restrictions. “Oh, you’re a strict vegetarian. Do you know what causes acne?” or “What can I give my celiac and lactose intolerant daughter to snack on?” Hey, I’d love to have all the answers, but alas, I do not (yet).

38. The way my dad always asks: “So when are you eating meat again?”

39. The fact I’m 18 and already worried about my future mate’s eating habits. Heh …

40. The fact I spend twice as much time defending my diet than eating it.

41. Actual conversation: Friend: why don’t you just eat meat? Me: “Animals are our friends, and I don’t eat my friends” (*That’s George Bernard Shaw, folks) You can’t say you’re a friend of animals and then eat a hamburger. Friend: Well, plants give us oxygen. So if you eat plants, that must mean you don’t like to breathe. No sarcastic comment necessary.

42. The only semi-plausible reason to eat meat the carnivores have come up with (Because Yes, I get enough protein and No, I am not going to die) is because it “Tastes good” (tastes like murder, and they do make fake meat). By that logic, I should be able to rob them; it’s fun. A little selfish, to say the least.

43. It would be easier to announce that you were gay or had abandoned religion than to refuse meat.

44. All sorts of ignorant people insist it is impossible to lead a healthy, productive life without consuming meat products even when they know that people like billionaire and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs are vegan.

23. People you eat out with get exasperated when you try to determine what exactly is in the food you are ordering. (If it were an allergy, it would be fine, but since it’s a choice, it’s weird.)

24. You are tired of your vegan lifestyle being the big topic of conversation at EVERY business dinner you ever attend.

25. When your relatives hear you are vegan, they say,”Oh, what about your boyfriend. Is he normal?”

26. Your grandmother, after hearing you are a vegetarian, tries to sneak some lamb into your food, because she knows that if you just tasted it, you’d realize meat was okay.

27. People just don’t understand that caring for animals doesn’t mean you think they’re more important than humans, just that they are AS important.

28. The ever popular question: “Well, what DO you eat?”

29. The constant quizzing of what you do and do not eat–as though these people that just found out you are vegan are going to somehow find a loop hole where you actually aren’t and you just didn’t know it.

30. The vegetarian option at the restaurant is a grilled cheese sandwich, grilled on the same grill they’re grilling the burgers & steaks on.

31. Always having to answer “Why don’t you eat meat?” In spite of all the reasons I could cite, the truth is that I just don’t want to, and I shouldn’t have to justify it every day of my life.

32. Being told: “You can pick the meat off.”

33. You think that you are the last of the unicorns, and your heart flutters whenever someone says the word “vegan”. You think, “Maybe there are others out there…”

12. People are insulted if you won’t eat their food when visiting them, and think you’re a hassle if you tell them what to cook for you.

13. Because when you say you’re veg, people always scream: “But the cows would take over the earth if we didn’t eat them!”

14. People assume you’ll be offended by every little thing.

15. Due to your vegan, non-violence philosophy you must restrain yourself from strangling your co-worker when he tells the “screaming tomatoes” joke for the fifteenth time.

16. You are trying to have a conversation with someone who talks very softly and has just eaten a plate of barbeque.

17. After getting to know you for your sparkling personality (not to mention stunning good looks) people act stunned and tricked when you finally get around to mentioning you’re a vegan. You desperately try to think of a good attention-grabbing remark to fill the awkward silence. It’s times like these when i wish i was gay.

18. After becoming a vegan, you feel healthier; need less sleep, and are able to tackle any challenge that comes your way. In other words, you are no longer the lazy, procrastinating pig that your friends and family have grown to know and tolerate.

19. People think that if you don’t eat meat, eggs, or dairy that you must have some kind of eating disorder.

20. People think that you must be anemic or have some other sickness if you’re vegan. You just can’t be getting proper nutrition! They keep pointing out, “You look kind of pale today” or “You look tired” or “Are you feeling okay? Are you really feeling okay?”

21. Someone you work with ACTUALLY SAYS (and, no, I’m not kidding), “You can’t be vegan and healthy.” And while you’re trying to get over the shock of this statement, he adds, “Vegetarians eat too many vegetables.” (I had no idea there was such a thing.)

22. People assume that being vegan means you don’t do anything unhealthy, like eat chocolate or drink, so when you do those things, they act all shocked.

1. Most people don’t know what it is and can’t pronounce it.

2. It’s hard to get a decent meal in a restaurant.

3. People who’ve heard you’re a vegan expect you to be really thin when they meet you. Sorry!

4. People expect you to be humorless, strident, and out to convert them.

5. Your in-laws think you are strange. Hell, even your own family thinks you are strange!

6. You find the perfect blouse to go with your new skirt, only to read the label and find out it’s silk!

7. You might have to walk or drive a little further to visit a store or restaurant that has food you can eat.

8. It’s really tiresome the zillionth time somebody asks you “What do you eat?” with that you-must-be-crazy look on their face.

9. The lunch you bring to work becomes the topic of conversation…EVERY DAY!

10. Others feel driven to point out that vegetables are alive too!

11. You have to restrain yourself every time you hear “I couldn’t do it” as the closing argument on every discussion of the merits of veganism.